POLYPACK® Polymer Preparation Units

Automated system for the liquid or powder polymer preparation
Designed for homogeneity in flocculant concentration

Optimized design to ensure the polymer goes through the maturation process using the smallest footprint

The POLYPACK®, Polymer Dosing System is a compact unit that automatically feeds the process, as needed, using a regulated ultrasonic level switch.

Baffles allow the circulation of the polymer preparation through a series of compartments. This ensures the optimum reaction time in each compartment and, a continuous concentration level, thereby avoiding any preferential route between the preparation compartment and the final dosing solution compartment.

The POLYPACK® system is automated by the control panel connected to the ultrasonic level detector located above the dosing solution compartment. As soon as the solution in the dosing compartment reaches “low level”, the detector activates the opening of the water feed electrovalve and the start-up of the dry feeder. The water meter controls the flow continuously. As soon as the “high level” is reached, the process cycle stops, although the mixers (one, two or three according the model) continue to operate.

The POLYPACK® unit provides automatic and continuous preparation of the polymer solution using a constant and uniform quality, resulting from:

  • One two-impeller mixer located in the preparation compartment (single impeller in the maturation compartment),
  • Optimized maturation cycles.

By fitting with an optional dilution unit, the main solution can then be diluted.

Avoid the need for manual operations– Prevent dosing errors, operation stops.

Standardization of the obtained polymer – Concentration, maturation time, homogeneity.

High efficiency mixers – Provide a low flow mixing for a homogeneous flocculant polymerisation without mechanical deterioration.

Optimised process – Visual access to the process and alarms, fieldbus distributed control (optional) provides informative and easy to access equipment and status application updates, controlled costs. Intelligent system that feeds the process when needed, regulated by an ultrasonic level switch.

Reliability and Robustness in Any Environment.

Option DUAL – two-in-one solution, to prepare powder or liquid polymers. Ideal solution for wastewater plants located in areas subject to population changes, such as tourist areas, or locations subject to rainy season that have to adapt their process according to the population equivalent or the season.

Compact design – For easy transport and relocation.

  • Tanks available in HDPE, 316L S.S. and 304L S.S. Two or three-compartment tanks according to model.
  • APX for powder or powder/emulsion: 12 volumes in standard : from 132 to 3,170 gallons (500 to 12,000 litres).
  • ALX for emulsion: 7 volumes in standard, from 132 to 1,057 gallons (500 to 4,000 litres).
  • Extraction/dosing flow from 105 to 6,340 GPH (400 to 24 000 l/h)
  • Concentration for make-up solution preparation up to 0.5% (5 g/l)
  • Control panel: PLC controller programmed by Milton Roy for automatic operation. Panel with lights for visual indication of operation and alarms. Intuitive navigation and operation. External control display for information and operation. Easy selection index for solution concentration.
  • Water inlet collector: removes impurities, controls water, flowrate, and pressure
  • Powder wetting system: facilitates the correct pre-mix of flocculant and water to prevent gelling
  • Powder dosing system: Homogeneity in flocculant concentration. Prevents dosing errors
  • Two electrical mixers: one mixer located in the preparation tank end one mixer in he maturation tank.
  • Ultrasonic level switch: avoids interruptions in operation
  • Optional dilution unit: Outlet flow from 660.4 to 5,283 GPH (2.5 to 20 m3/h)

The use of polymers or floculants considerably improves the separation process between the solid/liquid phases for applications in:

Water treatment: Flocculation of industrial and drinking water

Wastewater treatment: Physico-chemical treatment

Sludge treatment: Centrifuges, filter press to improve dewatering

Paper industry: retention agent

Various other industries: chemical, petrochemical, quarry, etc.

These flocculants, in powder and emulsion form, are very high molecular weight polymers. To ensure efficiency of the separation process, the preparation of the dilute polymer solution (2 to 5 g/l) is critical. The POLYPACK® unit employs rigourous technical standards and features which ensure optimum and consistent flocculant preparation.

Milton Roy

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